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Car transport Pune | Car transportation Pune
Car Transport Pune | Car Transportation Pune

Car transport Pune | Car transportation Pune

Car Transport Pune is an experienced firm with good quality service to their clients. We provide a number of services like local moving, residential moving, commercial moving, car transportation, Bike transportation, Local Shifting, Loading, Unloading, etc. Car transportation services are one of them. We relocate your vehicle to any location in India or internationally. This service accommodates all kinds of cars like hatchbacks, sedans, MUVs, SUVs, etc. Our carriers are specially designed that can comfortably accommodate all kinds of cars.

 About the service.

This service includes moving cars from one location to another domestically or internationally. Whether be a new car or an old one, there are situation or occasion where they have to be moved from one destination to another in the country. You be in a different state and you have bought a car located in a different state. What our company will do is transport the vehicle to your current location. We Serve this in an easy, reliable, and cost-effective way. Whether your vehicle is imported from a different country we will transport and door delivers it to your destination.

This service includes moving cars from one location to another domestically or internationally. Whether be a new car or an old one, there are situation or occasion where they have to be moved from one destination to another in the country. You be in a different state and you have bought a car located in a different state. What our company will do is transport the vehicle to your current location. We Serve this in an easy, reliable, and cost-effective way. Whether your vehicle is imported from a different country we will transport and door delivers it to your destination.

Why Hire a Professional car Transportation service?

Our company identify a need and plan and execute it excellently. That is why we identified this need amongst them. There are a number of reasons that will require the need for this service. 

1. Long-distance driving can be hectic as well as tiring: when you get posted in a new area your car and you are worlds apart. Driving for long-distance can he hectic and exhausting here you will need our carrier service who will deliver your car in a safe condition.

2.  Save some money: There is a misconception that when you hire professional car transportation services you lose money. furthur you decide to transport the car by yourself to save some expenses but this is so incorrect. But you will be charged more or the same as the carriers service. These expenses include fuel, oil, food, accommodation, Toll, and extra wear and tear on tires, engine, and so on. and end up spending more. Instead, hire a trustworthy Car transport service.

3. Save Time: You might have heard the "quote time is money". The time that you would have used to drive to the location can be productively used. Also as an inexperienced driver when it comes to longer distances driving can be hazardous on our heavily traffic Indian roads. Our company will help you to save you valuable time and handover your vehicle in the given location.

4. It ensures the vehicle gets to its destination Safely: when you are transporting a brand new car, it will reach its destination in the same condition as it was at handover. It will be put in a carrier that is 100 percent weatherproof from dust, Heat, Fog as well  Secured. Which is a much convenient way rather than driven to its destination?

5. Transport more than one vehicle at a time: the reliability of a car transportation company is that you can transport several cars at the same time. when you have many cars to transport, other than going through the trouble of dependable drivers to help you, why not hire a Car Transportation company? rather than risking your safety of the car.


Whenever you choose Tempo Car Bike Transport Service for car transportation needs, There are a lot of benefits you get like

1. Door-to-door delivery: A great feature that makes our company stand out from the rest. We design our own plan as per the vehicle requirements from the pickup point to the drop-off point. we are so good at the work that just gives us the delivery address and the car will be dropped off at the point.

2. Safe deliveries: Our companies make sure that every car we transport reaches the client in the same condition in which it was given to us. We have heavily invested in high-quality ropes, belts, Clips, locks which our staff use to tie your car chassis to the trailer.

3. On-Time Deliveries: our deadlines are never missed. You will get your car at your doorstep within the given specified time.

4. Affordable low prices: Tempo car bike Transport Pune offers you the most competitive prices compared to other car carriers in the city. 

5. Driver Away Service: Some time our clients have very special requirements. Here they require just a driver to drive away your vehicle to their destination. We even have some professional drivers who drive away your car from here and handover you at the airport, home, railway station, hotel which is located in the next city or state. Time coordination is key to this service. But remember Wear and tear of the vehicle must be ignored as the vehicle will be driven on road it will be exposed to the heat, dust, and many environmental factors. 

6. Packing: Yeah you heard it right we pack your car if required it comes under extra services. Some clients keep the car very close to their hearts so we decided to go one step further in providing safety to the vehicle. We provide 3 layers of packing to the vehicle. the material used is lamination paper, Bubble paper, Cardboard, tapes, and many others. Packing of vehicles requires good past experience. our firm is the first to design this kind of packing. The doors must be packed int a way that it can be opened while loading and unloading of the vehicle so the packing is designed in manner. We also provide wooden packing to high-end vehicles, all this assures 100% safety of the vehicle.

Car transport Pune | Car transportation Pune
Car Transport Pune | Car Transportation Pune


Why hire Best CAR TRANSPORTATION, service provider:

There are a number of companies that offer car transport service in India but we stand different from them in many ways like

1. ISO Certified Firm: This is the most import certification you must look for while relocating your car. This certification speaks for the company that it meets the international standards in the quality of services and is proof that we provide the best service in the sector.

2. We follow each industry-standard: This industry has numerous sets of standards. As a company, we meet all the standards. That is why we Gained trust in the sector and gained a reputed position.

3. Transport all kinds of cars: We have customized carriers as per the different cars and are operated on a daily basis in the country. Whatever the size and height of the car be our carriers are capable to handle it.

4. Offer the best services: The car is transported in a carrier that is completely enclosed or closed body. Therefore, it will not be exposed to the heat, dust, fog, and many more and arrive at you in excellent condition.

Things to consider BEFORE


There are a number of things that should be considered while hiring car transportation Service which will help you make the right decision and prevent you from following prey of fake people:

1. Registration and Authorization: There are a lot of fraudsters in the Sector. It is easy for one to be a victim if they do not take care. Do your research before choosing the company. One thinks you can do is ask for the proof of registration before you carry out any business with them. Read carefully the name of the firm on the registration paper and make sure your bill has generated from the same name. If a company is hesitant to dissolve your doubts stay away from them.

2. The reputation of the firm: In this business always watch out for a company’s reputation before anything. The easiest way is to search on the internet and read the previous customer's reviews on their work. Another way is to look at the website is HTTPS secured.

3. Insurance policies: A good firm must provide Transit insurance while on move. You are trusting an outsider with your car ie they must give you proof that if the worst thing happens, there is a way in which you will not suffer any losses. Accidents do happen in the transportation sector as they are dealing with roads. Your work is to ask for insurance as we know preventions are better than cures.

4. Time in Delivery: A well-organized firm will always be on time but ask for there can be any delays. Check their Online tracking features so that you are up to date. If There is a delay more than expected and the owner is not receiving the call, or not on their office place do lodge a complaint to be on a safer side.

5. Quoting Price: Price aways plays an important role in the service sector. Go for a company that offers you the best prices. But Don't compromise quality over price as it is said that you get what you pay. Don't fall prey to cheap rates as the price is the basic thing on which the fraudsters game.

6. Mode of transportation:  A vehicle can be transported by four modes they are as follows.
RoadWays: In this vehicle is transported by Road making in use of car carriers, Open trucks, Closed container trucks. Trucks are equipped with hydraulics so the car can be easily loaded and unloaded. Open trucks transportation means that the carrier will be open thus exposing to rain, dust, heat, Smog, and so on. Closed Container transportation means that the car will be transported in a carrier that is completely closed and it will be safe for all the environmental factors.

Water Ways: In this, the vehicle is transported in Cargo ships. Your vehicle is loaded in Containers. Clipped with the container walls and loaded in large ships by use of heavy-duty cranes. Generally, this service is used on overseas shifting. The time required is slightly higher than all other modes of transportation. Your vehicle will be loaded and unloaded on the docks near your state and further will be loaded on secondary trucks and delivered on your doorsteps.

Air Ways: Air cargo is the way in which your vehicle is transported by means of an airplane. this is the quickest means of transport and very convenient. Here Your vehicle is transported to the nearest air cargo airports there it is loaded after clearing all your security process and loaded. the vehicle is properly tied with belts and within a few hours, it reaches the airport nearest to the destination. A secondary carrier is ready waiting for the consignment to be loaded and after that done your vehicle is delivered at your doorsteps, Quick, fast and reliable.

Railways: In this service Car is transported through train we have tie-ups will the rate authorities to transport cars through, your vehicle is transported to the nearest railway station and loaded over there. The car is unloaded to your nearby delivery station Note: (delivery station can be different and we don't take any responsibilities for the damages as it comes under the Government of India, you have to deal it, with your insurance company). We advise our clients that it's not a Convenient mode for transport.

We do the following check before transporting Your Car:

Tempo Car Bike Transport Service is a company that serves
on excellent, ethical, and professional grounds. 

1. Investigate Condition the car: This is very important to avoid any confusion after delivery. Our professional staff will always take a look at the Motor and check the condition in your presence. If there are any concerns, they will be noted down and signed.

2. Confirm the ownership: Ownership of the vehicle is confirmed on papers to make sure that the consignment moved without any trouble while jumping from states to states till reaching your destination.

3. Payments and delivery information: Accurate information on the delivery address and advance payment we will be required for the services as agreed upon. 


Tempo Car Bike Transport Service are ready for you. We are set to make your move a rememberable experience as our services are designed to meet your expectations.
Our professional team is well trained, experienced, results-oriented, and ready to help you in your move. We won't disappoint you. Whenever you are ready, we are always here.
Hire Our Car Transport Company service For Transportation of Your Car From Pune To Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, and All Major Cities in India.

Tips for the Owner:

Remove all your belongings from the vehicle. As when on move the small fragile items can damage the interior ie leather as ower Indian roads are full of bumps. 

Do not keep the CNG tank 100% full as the Environment is heated around as taking precautions is always a smart move.

Do Contact Tempo Car Bike Transport Service For Car Transportation from Pune to Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kolkata, Patna, Nagpur, Ahmednagar, Nasik, Kochi, Raipur, Bhubneshwar, bhopal, Agra, kochi, Coimbatore, varanasi, Ghaziabad, faridabad, Ranchi, Ludhiana, Amritsar,  prayagraj, Guwahati, jodhpur, mangalore, Rajkot, Agartala, kota, meerut, gwalior, mumbai, Vodadra, Gangtok, Kohima Aizawl, Shillong Imphal, Shimla, Panaji, Dispur, Itanagar, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Bhopal, Indore, Kanpur, Lucknowto,Visakhapatnam all major cities in India.

Phone: 7020476614


We work 24/7 round the clock and are proud of the Service and fully plan and customize your move. For reliable and trustworthy movers and packers call or fill the free online quote form and we will get in touch with you. Trust you get when you hire us in.
Car transport Pune | Car transportation Pune
Car Transport Pune Service | Car Transportation Pune Service

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